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Starting a Blog For Beginners – Choosing a Topic

Those who are beginning to attempt to make money from home often start by creating a blog. But creating a blog without choosing a topic is a big mistake.
If you wish to work from home as a blogger, then you need to do some research. Things to decide include:

  • Should I start with a blog that is hosted for free or should I buy a domain name and hosting?
  • What will the overall look (or theme) of the blog be?
  • Will I allow guest bloggers?
  • Is this a personal blog, a sales lead generator, or will it generate money from ads posted on the blog?

But the most important item to decide on is your topic. I recommend that you sit down with a pencil and paper and brainstorm topics. List out at least 10 possible topics for your blog. These should be areas that you know a fair amount about, but you do not need to be an expert on each topic that is proposed for your blog. Even if this is a personal blog, I recommend that it be restricted to a single topic.

Next, beside each of these topics, add a list of related sub topics to the topics that you had written down.

Then go thru this expanded list and narrow it down to about three topics that you can write the most about. Go online and begin researching these topics. Look for where you can add to the existing information or conversation on these topics. When you find a place where your blog would fit in, then that is your topic.

Those that are serious about blogging know that choosing the topic is just the start. Writing a blog is a long-term project. It will be hard work to get it set up and to keep it running.

For a sales lead generation blog, the blog should be about that type of activity. Since there are many blogs like this, make sure you have a unique niche in order to secure highly targeted traffic. It will also be essential for your blog to contain useful and relevant information. When people find your blog to be highly useful, they will link back to your blog and subscribe to your feeds. This is how you keep the readers loyal.


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