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Setting Up a Blog – Setting Goals

Setting Up a Blog
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Before you set up a blog, it is best to do some things to make it more likely to be successful. One of those things is setting goals. This is similar to setting a topic. In setting a topic you should care about the topic, since if you do not, people will know. You should also care about your goals.

Your goal-setting should keep some things in mind. Here are two questions to ask yourself about your goals:

How will I define success? – Success can be measured in many ways, earning a certain amount of money, the number of visits, number of comments, etc.

For example, a goal of “I want my blog to be of interest to everyone” is probably too far-reaching. Trying to be of interest to everyone may make your blog of interest to no-one. When setting up a blog you may think that writing about watching grass growing is of interest to everyone, but actually very few people would be interested. However, having the best blog site about maintaining a healthy lawn could be of interest to many.

Also, goals like “I want to have a lot of visitors” are not measurable. You can only attain a goal if you can measure it. Try instead a goal like “I want 500 visitors each month”. This is much better because the number of visitors each month can be measured.

Are my goals reasonably attainable? – If you have to work too hard to attain a goal, you can become bored or even discouraged with your new blog. Goals should be realistic, yet challenging. A good goal when you set up a blog could be “I want to increase the number of comments 5% each month”.

Planning To Achieve Your Goals

After setting several goals and deciding on a subject for your blog, you should also plan how you will achieve these goals. This also is important

A possible plan is “I will set aside two hours, three times a week where I will focus on writing for the blog.” Then continually remind yourself of this plan in order to stay focused.

And as a goal is attained, consider modifying it, to keep the challenge fresh. And if your find a goal is not being achieved, consider modifying it to retain it’s challenge.

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