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Attempting to Make Money from Home, Part 4

So where am I so far in my attempt to make money from home online? Well, the keyword research went pretty well, it only took about 45 mins to do, but I suspect I got lucky. The first niche that I researched actually had a keyword that looked viable. It could have been double that or more if I had struck out in the first niche that I thought of. Getting a product was easy, also. Maybe 15 mins. Then I messed up while trying to find a domain. I forgot about what I had heard about Network Solutions when searching for a domain. So Network Solutions locked up the domain I was attempting to get so I only could purchase it through them. Sigh. So I paid more for the domain than I would have liked. Do not use Network Solutions! Going around with that took another half hour. Then the real work began.

Getting a Web Host company was easy and quick since I just looked around a little and went with the company George B. recommends. But actually setting up the website took much longer than it should have, since I (among other things) wanted to make it easy to set up multiple sites on this account, so I wanted to put my first website in a sub-folder of the folder where you are supposed to put your files. A call to support went very well and they E-mailed me a solution. The blog install went well, but I got bogged down in details and poking around in this new thing I had just done. All told, about 4 hrs. (At this point I was starting to realize that making money from home online was going to be more work than I had thought. However, the next time should be much quicker.)

More to come as I get time. Come back soon…

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